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100% Original parts

2 Years warranty for all types of work

Car service in the center of Alicante

Fast repairs without waiting

Count car repair

In our DK2 car service you can calculate the cost of repairing your car online by simply clicking the calculate button and also get a free consultation.

Car service "DK2 Auto Taller"

Ремонт тормозной системы

Brake system repair

from 40 €

Ремонт электрики

Electrical repair

from 35 €

Ремонт подвески

Suspension repair

from 60 €

Ремонт трансмиссии

Transmission repair

from 80 €

Техосмотр обслуживания диагностика

Inspection and pre ITV

from 40 €

Our advantages

Experienced Professionals

The specialists of our car service have over 15 years of experience in the field of car repair. However, we offer an individual approach to each client.

Tested parts

In our work, we use only proven and high quality materials for car repair and maintenance with a guarantee.

Best prices on the market

Our car service offers the best prices for the Spanish markets. Therefore, we give each client additional discounts on all our services.

Convenient location

The car service is located in the Center of Alicante near the foot of Santa Barbara Mountain. There are stops of all types of public transport near us. In other words, a very convenient location.

Convenient work schedule

The car service works according to a very convenient work schedule. We work every day from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. Online registration at a car service, round the clock 24/7. In addition, on Saturday we work until 15:00

Waiting time

There is a cafe with an outdoor terrace near the car service. You can wait for your car with a cup of coffee and a delicious meal in a pleasant atmosphere. First of all, you get the convenience of waiting.

Like us We work

Call us

Sign up for Autoservice Online or by phone

+34 624 268 978

624 268 978

You can just call us or sign up Online by clicking the button below.
Sign up

Bring the car

We determine the problem of the car on the spot and draw a conclusion for you immediately.

We approve the work

We approve the work process for you. No hidden fees, no additional surcharges.
624 268 978

Making Repair

As soon as you left the car with us, we immediately start repairing the car.

Convenient waiting

While we are fixing the car, you can see the city center of Alicante or sit in a cafe.
More details

Pick up the car

After the completion of the repair, we will contact you.

Completion of the repair

You will be able to pick up your car at a convenient time
624 268 978
All discounts are valid only until the end of the month. You can find out the rest of the details by calling the car service or sign up for an online consultation. For more offers on promotions, see our social networks #dk2autotaller
Brake system check Free


replacement of engine oil and oil filter


Checking the running system more than 20 points



Ask a question to our specialist, our specialist will contact you within one day.

A little about us
DK2 Auto Taller is not just the fastest growing network of auto services throughout Spain. These are thousands of satisfied customers who trust us. This is a friendly team of people inspired by a common idea and common cause. These are strict quality standards in everything and constant support of our customers, wherever they are.
DK2 is today a comprehensive assistance to motorists in any matter, from car diagnostics to repairs, as well as assistance in difficult situations on the road.
DK2 is more than just car repair. This is the philosophy of a new format for car services.
What customers say

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